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Pinned topic DS3512 Connection to HS22 Blade Servers

‏2013-03-20T13:07:57Z |
I have a BladeCenter HS22 with 14 bladeservers. Attached to the BladeCenter I have a DS3512. I'm trying to access the DS3512 to configure it but can't manage to do it.

I have connected to the two SAS modules IPs via the IBM Storage Configuration Manager but this doesn't give me the option to setup the drives in the DS3512, it only allows me to configure the zones for the blade servers. Do I need to first connect to the management port of the DS3512 and set it up that way?
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    Re: DS3512 Connection to HS22 Blade Servers


    Dear SystemAdmin,

    IBM Storage Configuration Manager is not supported for DS3512. You need IBM DS Storage Manager.

    Good luck,

    Alexander Novikov

    Russia, Moscow