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Pinned topic Starting/Stopping the dmgr or nodeagent using the job manager

‏2013-03-20T03:20:29Z |
The WAS ND V8.5 Information Center states the following:

"You cannot start or stop the deployment manager or any node agent by using the job manager console with the submit job option. Performing such a start/stop job submission for the deployment manager or any node agent results in an error message similar to the following.CWWSY0334E: Unable to locate node agent MBean when processing job startServer for server dmgr on node CellManager"

This statements refers to the job manager console, but what about using AdminTask.submitJob()?

It seems that you can stop node agents with AdminTask.submitJob('[-jobType stopServer -targetList dmgrNode -description stopServer -jobParams [ serverName nodeagent nodeName MyNode01] ]') But you cannot start node agents with a similar command using -jobType startServer

But for the deployment manager, you cannot start or stop it with AdminTask.submitJob().

Just wondering why you cannot stop deployment manager as you can node agents with AdminTask.submitJob()?