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Pinned topic ICA is very slow and crashing frequently

‏2013-03-19T17:17:04Z |

We are experiencing performance and stability issues with ICA.

We have around 30 collections, 10 crawlers each collection and a total of 900 websites to crawl. The total size of all the collections is about 250GB. We run ICA on a machine with multiple CPUs and 140GB RAM. We increased the memory allocation for indexing for each collection to 4GB.

ICA does not use more than 40GB RAM and 50% of CPU in total and it is extremely slow in responding to commands, especially crawler properties and space. It also crashes frequently (all the java instances are still running but the browser interface would not open).

Reliability and Performance is worse if more than one windows user are trying to access ICA (we have single ICA user: esadmin).

I would be grateful if you could point me in the direction of any improvement of performance and stability.

Many thanks for your time in advance.


Abdullah Gok
University of Manchester
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    Re: ICA is very slow and crashing frequently

    I think this is one best suited for calling support. They will advise you on what logging you can turn on to help troubleshoot where the issues lie and what can be tuned based on those results to correct the issues.