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Pinned topic XC-10 XC10 bad message when adding other eth ports - don't do clear-all

‏2013-03-19T15:28:43Z |
A customer & fellow consultant were "adding additional ethernet interfaces, and have noticed that when we add the other ethernets eth1 and eth2 we check enabled. when we do a clear-all and device restart, when the box comes back up, the eth1 and eth2 that we aded are NOt checked for enabled." When they checked the boxes for eth1 and eth2 (along with the default eth0) a popup dialog prompt appeared saying:

Are you sure you want to enable or disable the Ethernet interface? After you update the Ethernet
interface, you must run the clear-all and device restart commands in the command line interface.
If you do not run these commands, you might not be able to access the user interface.


This prompt is in error according to WXS/XC10 Development. You SHOULD NOT run clear-all, as this will clear the configuration changes you made and eth1/eth2 or others will no longer be checked and enabled. You should do the device restart, but in fact the added Ethernet interfaces will begin to operate even without the restart. WXS/XC10 Development recommends the restart.