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‏2013-03-19T15:26:48Z |
I am new to ICN and have two basic questions about workflows. I am able to launch a workflow from a document and then process work steps in the Work window.

1. When I select a Repository Document and click Launch Workflow, I have to search for the document again to set the document as an attachment. Is there a way to set the workflow subscription so that when you launch from a document it gets assigned as the attachment?

2. When I try to open a workflow in ICN I get a popup with the following error message:

The workflow cannot be opened.
The web client does not support opening workflows.
Open a different document.

In Process Configuration Console I have the URLs for WorkplaceXT and ICN specified. What else needs to be configured?
  • RuthHildebrand-Lund
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    Re: Two basic workflow questions

    When you design a workflow, you can designate an "initiating attachment". Refer to the following link for information on defining an initiating attachment in a workflow definition:

    And the tool you need to use to edit the workflow is the Process Designer which is launched from the Advanced Tools menu in Workplace XT. You need to be in the appropriate Process Engine groups and have the appropriate role within Workplace XT to be able to launch the Process Designer.
  • CBS3_Ian_Wilson
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    Re: Two basic workflow questions

    Regarding your 2nd question, you can't view or edit workflow definitions in Content Navigator, you can only currently do this with WorkplaceXT Process Designer.
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    Re: Two basic workflow questions

    Thanks. This is what I needed.