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Pinned topic Changing WAS 8.5 JVM generic arguments using launch configurations in RAD.

‏2013-03-19T14:59:56Z |
I know I could change WAS vm arguments editing server.xml in profile.

I want to change it using "vm arguments" field in eclipse/rad run configuration which start server/application. I checked that this arguments does not affect launching WAS or it is ingored by it.

Is there any option to change jvmgeneric arguments using launch configurations (any usefull type?) or is there any way to force WAS to read this arguments?

Any other ideas to solve this task?

My goal is to have got some proper launch configuration (like this generated from "Run as-> Run on server") with editable field "vm arguments" which will be forwarded to WAS (i.e. WAS server will be launched with this parameter).