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Hi all,

Could you please advise us on this APM monitoring case: whether we can support with our technology?
The problem in POC was suggested: a 3G data service. All the applications are coded upon Java by their programmers (home-grown). To what extent we can resolve this problem of application monitoring.

1/ Physical architecture
2 User SMS Gateway applications run in HA (fail-over) mode. (to contact with users)
Process + Receiver + Sender application run in HA mode (3 run on the same box)
2 Oracle RAC 10g in RAC mode
2 PBX Gateway (to contact with PBX) in HA mode.

2/ Operational Flow
User SMS Gateway to receive request from user in the type of SMS message
Receiver retrieve from SMS GW will check the syntax of SMS by protocol SOAP - TCPIP
If syntax is correct, then it will write to table MO in database
If incorrect, then it will write to table MT in database
Process application will SELECT from table MO and carry out some processes, contact with PBX Gateway to register the service and generate billing process.
PBX Gateway connects with Process application by SOAP - TCPIP.
PBX Gateway connects with PBX (OCS, HLR, ...) by protocol Web Service, MML
Sender reads the notification from table MT in database, send the information to another application (SMSC) to inform user.
There is no console to manage those applications, there's only way to detect any error is that in this case, the log file will be generated and they have another home-grown log file management app which will read and process the error (jointly with HP Service Manager)

3/ Current monitoring system: only one home-grown monitoring app which reads the log files of those apps, capture the keyword/pattern and then process.
Could you please give advice that whether we should approach this technical problem monitoring or not? Thank you

Timothy Lam
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    Re: Home-Grown 3G Service Monitoring

    Since the transactions contain several asynchronous components (write to database, then read from database, etc.), there's absolutely no simple/"out of the box" solution to monitoring this. What we've done in the past is to put the appropriate monitoring (often involving the AgentBuilder and one or more custom scripts) to report on the progress, and somehow display or generate an error if something isn't correct. Something like OMNIbus and/or Impact is useful, since this configuration can be difficult to implement in ITM alone.



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