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Pinned topic Correct method for stopping db2 at server reboot

‏2013-03-19T09:46:26Z |
I've successfully installed db2 v9.7 FP7 on RHEL 6.2 64-bit. I'm now looking at setting up the stop/start scripts and need some assistance.

When I reboot the server the stop script does the following:-

/bin/su - ${inst} -c " db2 force applications all"
sleep 5
/bin/su - ${inst} -c "${HOME_DIR}/sqllib/adm/db2stop"

When the server restarts db2 starts, but the db2diag contains the following:-

MESSAGE : ADM1531E Crash recovery has completed successfully.

So, my question is... am I using the correct method of stopping db2? I have noticed that there is a file called /etc/init/db2fmcd.conf that appears to contain runlevels etc., should I be configuring this instead? Any help would be appreciated, I've been unable to find anything in Info Center.

Thanks, Steve.
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    Re: Correct method for stopping db2 at server reboot

    Sorted... I'd missed creating a lock file in the stop/start script.

    Thanks, Steve.