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Pinned topic wait node not working

‏2013-03-19T09:25:57Z |
Hi all,
I'm trying to use a wait node for that statuschange event.
the WF with the wait node is a simple one containing only the wait node (with some actions on the links).
when using the WF on it's own, the actions are performed and the wait is done when the status is changed to the needed status.
when the WF is used as a sub process WF, the wait is never ending for some reason.

any ideas?
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  • scottsd
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    Re: wait node not working

    Hi Alon,

    I wasn't able to reproduce inhouse in Tpae, I got the child subprocess to wake up from wait when the SR's status changed. What version do you have?

    One known limitation is that the change status needs to be done through the UI to wake up the wait node, an automated status change from workflow, escalation, or automation script will not wake up the wait node.

  • JC_Wilson
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    Re: wait node not working

    There is also a long standing bug with the wait node and status's where the node only wakes up to a top level status change like INPRG, APPR, CLOSE, etc. If you are checking for a synonym status that you created, it's not going to work. You will need to set your event to maximo.workorder.statuschange.* and then follow that node with a condition box to check for the synonym status value. IBM claims to have killed this bug in 7.1.x but in, it's alive and well.T