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I have to install an AIX related software which needs a system reboot for activation. We are using Alternate disk installation method to test this software but at the same time we need to minimize number of reboots required. So if we crate an alternate disk install and then reboot the server from cloned disk , we still need another reboot after installation of this additional software.
Is there any way to reduce number of reboot to 1?

Like i have seen parameters like -w , -l -I which are listed for alt_rootvg_op Command but not sure if we can install this additional software on cloned rootvg disk ( not on active rootvg disk )using these parameters during cloning process itself.

If yes , then we will need only one reboot , but somebody can share his views using these parameters or give us some other techniques/way to achieve main objective?

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    Re: Avoiding multiple reboots

    Are you doing the alt disk install with a NIM server?

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