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Pinned topic Runstats is not getting updated.

‏2013-03-18T17:54:13Z |
hi all,
we have db2v9.7 fp5 running on aix machine. Its a partition database ,which is used for reporting purpose.i could see the difference in card value and total no.of rows in table.even the stats time is reflecting as 5 days back.
I have done the runstats using distributed shrlevel option.
The interesting thing is ,even after runstats i could see the card value is still showing the old count,but i could see the stats time got changed.can you please let me know what might the reason ,why still the card value is not getting updted after runstats unlike stats time.
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    Re: Runstats is not getting updated.

    DB2 for i doesn't have a RUNSTATS command because it automatically collects statistics.

    You need to post your question in the DB2 for LUW forum: