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Pinned topic Latest plugins are not loaded into RDz

‏2013-03-18T14:53:12Z |
Hello All,

I have made changes to the links folder/link file which specifies the path to a plugins folder with .jar files.

However the latest version of plugins are not loaded, instead it still loads the older version.

I have tried the following options but was not successful.
1. Renamed the links folder to _links & Restarted the RDz.
2. Renamed the links folder to _links & Restarted the RDz with -clean option

After further research, I have edited the files in the configuration folder to remove the plugins i have changed and then restarted the the RDz with -clean option and it worked.

Is this the only option, or are there any better ways to clear the plugin loader cache? Does platform.xml cache this configuration information?

Thanks in Advance.