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Pinned topic How to call a service from RUI handler (RBD version

‏2013-03-18T08:48:36Z |
Hi i am new to Rich-ui programming,

Am using the licensed RBD version , i am trying to call a service from the UI handler (simple hello world program) when i test my program am getting the below error message,

CRRUI1083E] An error occurred while the click browser event was being handled.
CRRUI3651E Service binding key : 'newserv' does not exist in the deployment descriptor 'Richproj'
CRRUI2094E Here are the EGL function calls leading to this error:

ServiceBinder.ServiceBinder.getBinding() native JavaScript
ServiceLib.ServiceLib.bindService() native JavaScript
final1.GoButton_onClick() native JavaScript
Button.Widget.runEventHandlers() native JavaScript
I think i need to follow some setting in my RBD for rich UI (I have done the basic setting in the prefrence )or add entry of program or service in the deployment descriptor ,

The same code is working in EGL commuity edition but not in RBD version, in community edition i never added any entry in the deployment descriptor.

Can anyone help me how to do it because i tried by myself it is giving the same error again.