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Pinned topic Websphere custom error page not working

‏2013-03-18T04:10:57Z |
I have been struggling to get the Websphere custom error page for the errors such as 404 (File not found).

I have added the following to my web.xml under /WEB-INF/




and also created a right path /html/error404 and added the error404.html with a warning message to be displayed when user request a file which does not exist.

I have also restarted my WAS and also the browser, but I still get the default error message:

Error 404: SRVE0190E: File not found: /xyz.htm

and not my custom html error page.

What am I missing here?

Can anyone please help me out, thanks,
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    Re: Websphere custom error page not working

    Is this custom 404 page in your war and accessible using the context root + path?