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Pinned topic Is there really no simple way?

‏2013-03-15T17:07:59Z |
So I had someone setup logical drives on my DS3524 thin provisioned. Normally I'm ok with this, but not when it's for dedicated SQL backup volumes. The repositories balloon too quickly for my tastes.

Regardless, my first experience of migrating data from a thin provisioned drive to a standard. Ideally I'd like to keep the volume online during copy operations since my transaction logs go to these volumes every 4 hours.

Figured I could just make a new empty logical drive, kick off a volume copy, and wait until after hours so I can stop the transaction log schedule for a bit, switch out the volumes and purge the old volume/repository after ensuring everything worked.

What I've come to find out is the volume copy doesn't keep the logical drives synced. I kick it off, and it takes around 40 hours to do a full copy. But say it finishes at 3am, or 2pm, I can't stop my transaction backups at these times, so as soon as the next set of logs comes in 4 hours later, my copied volume is useless.

Is there a simpler way to keep a volume copy synced with it's source after the initial copy without having to stop all operations to the target for 40 hours?

How does everyone else go thin to standard with minimal downtime?