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Pinned topic Step Processor: Configuring Server Base URL

‏2013-03-14T18:12:25Z |
I'm having trouble launching workflows from inside ICN.

I've followed the instructions in the Infocenter for configuring PCC - i.e. Selecting IR Properties->Web Applications, then adding a new web application, along with the URL for Content Navigator (http://address:port/navigator).

However, one thing I notice when doing this, is that when adding a web application, the Web Application name defaults to "100", and prevents me from overriding this. The instructions also request that the "Default Web Application" be set to IBM Content Navigator, however it doesn't appear in the drop down list.

When I created the workflow in PD, I made sure that the Launch step is referencing the ICN Launch Processor, and other steps reference the ICN Step Processor.

In ICN, on attempting to launch a workflow, a popup browser window appears, and I noticed that the address includes some text "enter server base URL here" so seems like the issue is likely caused by ICC configuration.

Anyone got sny ideas?

(This is ICN v2.0.1, and yes, PE is patched to (I checked the Ping page))
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    Re: Step Processor: Configuring Server Base URL

    It's ok, you can all stand down, all sorted now.

    I didn't realise that the Web Application tab in PCC is also present for the IR properties. Of course, what I should have done is go into VWService properties and set the web application there.