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‏2013-03-14T15:31:00Z |
I have installed ISA Workbench 4.1 using the local machine user on Windows 7. Now I have switched to domain user but it will not work and the pop-up comes up saying "Single sign-on account is invalid blah blah" ... I have already deleted the .keystore.JCEKS.IBM_J9_VM file. I just want to know is there any way to run ISA using some other domain user instead of who installed it? Please help!
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    Re: Single sign-on account is invalid

    Sorry for the delay in answering.
    If ISA has been installed to be used by all users, then a different user should be able to start ISA. A workspace should be written in the user's home folder (i.e.: c:\documents and Settings\<userA>\IBM\... ).
    Workspaces cannot be shared amongst users, however.

    Henri Meli
    IBM Support Assistant Team.