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Pinned topic Right way to create JSP taglib utility project

‏2013-03-14T12:54:23Z |

I'm working with WAS 7.0 and RAD 7.5, I'm struggling to create the taglib in the separate project and deploy it together with my WAR inside EAR to WAS. The problem is - no matter what I do or how I point that taglib project is the dependency of WAR (or EAR or both) - the taglib is not recognized during JSP compilation.

To make matters slightly more interesting - when I build the project with maven, the taglib is correctly packaged in jar and added to WEB-INF/lib of the WAR, it is then loaded correctly. During the development and deployment via RAD, the folder where taglib project resides is referenced via classpath (only the folder not jar) - but that seems not to be sufficient to discover a .tld file inside.

My question is - what is the supposed way to create a shared taglib project inside RAD and deploy it to WAS? I would greatly appreciate any help solving this issue or pointing me to the tutorial or manual that would explain how to deal with it. There's also a question on stackoverflow - linking it here for convenience
// Juriy