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Pinned topic JSF 1.2 and Websphere 7.1

‏2013-03-14T11:52:35Z |

The JSF tag libraries <h:selectOneMenu> valueChangeListener and <h:commandButton> action are not getting triggered when the JSF 1.2 application is deployed on Websphere 7.1.
This application is working fine on WAS 6.1.

All the required settings like removing jsf jars and setting the class loading to parent last have been done.
But still the application does not work.

Can anyone suggest what are the changes we might require while deploying the application into WAS 7.1?

  • kirankbc
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    Re: JSF 1.2 and Websphere 7.1


    So sorry to say that WAS7.X onwards,IBM changed a lot related to JSF.Its not backward compatible and use third party helpers like jQuery for those JSF components that is not working for your project. For example hx:inputHelperDatePicker or scriptCollectors, use jQuery like components. Tough isn't? Its a damn real fact. Redo most of the JSF related project else drop JSF completely.


    Good Luck