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‏2013-03-14T09:16:59Z |
I am working with IBM db2 v 9.7.I tried creating a DDL script using the Control Center , it gives an error saying the db admin server is inactive.However,when i tried starting it using db2admin start from cmd processor it says,its already active. What is actually happening?
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    Re: DB2 Administrative Server Not Active


    have you tried db2start? i found it a bit slow to start after server reboots.

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    Re: DB2 Administrative Server Not Active


    Control center is out of support isn't it ? I would still work on the CLP for windows. I have this problem with DB2 V 10.1 - The startup guide does not allow me to create a db, but the CLP does. I recommend you to go with the CLP until and unless you face errors such as ' unable to create db ' , ' unable to connect ' etc.

    P.S - You might want to check services.msc to see if anything is set to ' STOP ' or ' MANUAL ' status

    Good Luck !