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What mean the usedAllCPU and usedPoolCPU lines on lpar3.gif? If there is some doc you can point me to read please do ... I'm using v17a of nmon2rrd on a P6 9917-MMA, shared CPU LPARs sunning AIX 6.1.3

Ref the example attached, this LPAR has 8 VCPU, SMT2 - how do I get 50 CPUs at 2200hrs ?!

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    Re: nmon2rrd lpar3.gif

    usedAllCPU maps to the nmon LPAR stats column usedAllCPU% - Percentage of tall the CPUs in the machine (I think not including inactive CUoD CPUs)

    usedPoolCPU maps to the nmon LPAR stats column usedPoolCPU% - Percentage of tall the CPUs the the CPU pools = same as above but excluding CPU in Dedicated LPARs.

    So at your peak the 50% is 50% of the Pool CPUS were being used.

    I am not sure I can make sense of the rest of the stats as there are so few details but you appear to have only 8 CPUs in the pool and your LPAR itself was the cause of the 50% Pool use.

    I hope this helps, Nigel Griffiths