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Pinned topic Turning off server for a period of time

‏2013-03-13T12:56:33Z |
We have to turn off our LMT server for an undetermined period of time, luckily we haven't signed any reports yet but have collected data. When we turn it back on then we'll recreate the TLMA database so we've dropped it for now. The questions I have to ask as I couldn't find any real answers are:

  • how do I stop the LMT server autostarting when the server is rebooted? According to the documentation we should have either written a script to go into /etc/init.d which I know I didn't do, or it is registered as a service...Is there anyway to ensure that it won't start?

  • the agents will stay active but I'm a bit concerned that they will continue to collect data and attempt to contact the server. I presume that every time that they run a scan they create a file which is deleted after the successful copy to the server but if the server is not there then the file(s) will stack up in the filesystem. Is this so and will there be any fallout from not having an active server? If problems are foreseen then I'll work out a way of inactivating all agents (some 130+)


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    Re: Turning off server for a period of time

    Hi Sebastian,

    I'm not going to comment the first part of your post as it seems to me quite weird. Just make sure your IBM sales rep/compliance manager is OK with what you are going to do.

    Which OS do you have?
    I'm not an expert here, however e.g. on Linuxes it seems that
    chkconfig service_name off

    should work

    Indeed agent will perform scans according to the schedule. The files that agent will not be able to upload to the ILMT server will remain in upload folder under agent installation directory. As soon as the connection with ILMT server is reestablished, agent will push all the data.

    If there is a lot of data sent to the server at the same time, it may cause performance problems. Much depends on the amount of data to be processed by the ILMT server at once.
    Best practice: ILMT infrastructure should operate continuously.

    To stop the agent run tlmagent -e or /usr/bin/stopsrc -s tlmagent for AIXes, or endtcpsvr server(*itlmagent) for IBM i.

    Please let me know if my post answers your question.

    Michał Klak
    ILMT Central Team

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