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Pinned topic how to check AFM Prefetch status

‏2013-03-13T12:15:47Z |

I have been prototyping an AFM setup with a home and a read-only cache cluster. Have managed to build and execute the policy statement with mmapplypolicy and then mmafmctl pointed to the generated file.

However I have not managed to find, in either the docs or man pages, a way to check the cache status of files to check they have been succesfully prefetched.

Has anyone found an option for this somewhere?
  • ScottGPFS
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    Re: how to check AFM Prefetch status


    The mmafmctl prefetch command without a listfile shows the status of the current prefetch operation.

    Example for file system "gpfs1" fileset "iw_1"


    # mmafmctl gpfs1  prefetch -j iw_1
    Fileset Name    Async Read (Pending) Async Read (Failed)  Async Read (Already Cached) Async Read (Total) Async Read (Data in Bytes)
    ------------    -------------------- ------------------   --------------------------- ------------------ --------------------------
    iw_1            11                   0                    0                           11                 0