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Pinned topic Looking for AIX script to enable db2 audit facility

‏2013-03-13T08:39:21Z |
Dears ,

I am looking for AIX script for enabling db2audit facility with full automation as follows :
  • Enabling db2audit.
  • Collecting audit data.
  • Storing audit data inside tables.
  • Create views on those table to access them from reporting utility.
  • Automatic management for audit tables in terms of clean-up/purging/aging audit tables.
  • purging audit buffer.

You can contact me at

Thanks a lot
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    Re: Looking for AIX script to enable db2 audit facility

    ‏2013-03-13T18:03:44Z  in response to SystemAdmin

    The forum where you have posted your question is primarily for those who have questions about using the developerWorks site itself. There are several forums for AIX on developerWorks (; you would have a better chance of getting the answers you want if you were to post in one of them.

    Let us know if we can be of additional assistance.

    Jeff Antley
    developerWorks Feedback Team