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I am new to Performance Testing.

I will be very grateful to you if one can explain what is page response time and how to calculate it.
For example,I want to calculate the time taken to display the welcome page after submitting the username and password and hit submit button.

In RPT ,in Page Performance report, the value for the welcome page is 16,586.14(Response Time(ms)-Average(for run))
Q1.Does that mean it took around 16 seconds to open the Welcome Page ?

Q2.Also, this page performance time includes the delays and think time as well ?
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    Re: What is Page Response time


    RPT will calculate the response time by time-stamping the "last byte sent" and the "last byte received". Additionally, if the response time is for a page (rather than a page element) that includes a connection, the time to connect is included in the response time.

    The Think Time value set in the schedule is not included in the page response times displayed in the Performance report. Think times are associated with pages and are intended to represent human pauses during recording - these don"t impact page response times. For individual page elements (requests), there may also be delays which are intended to represent client (browser) delays (processing time for example). These will be reflected in page response times.