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Pinned topic DB2 Express C Setup for windows 32bit

‏2013-03-12T20:02:27Z |
I followed the instructions at:

but it gave me a critical error at end of installed and said no software will be installed. I found the log(see attached) but
can't determine what is wrong?

Has anyone had trouble installing DB2 Express C for windows 32bit?


James R. Martin
e-mail: jmartin@jmartinassociates.net
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    Re: DB2 Express C Setup for windows 32bit

    Can You try install DB2 in other place?
  • jmartin06201941
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    Re: DB2 Express C Setup for windows 32bit

    Can You try install DB2 in other place?
    I tried to install it using all the defaults this time instead of installing it on K:\ drive:

    I got two messages:

    Message one:

    One or more errors occurred while creating the DB2 Administration
    Server. The DB2 Administration Server may not function properly.
    Create the DB2 Administration Server manually. If the problem persists
    contact your technical service representative.

    Message two:

    X The DB2 Setup wizard Completed

    A major error occurred while installing DB2 on this computer. The
    installation can not continue. The install log is located in
    I:\C_Drive\DB2LOG\DB2-EXPC-Fri Mar 15 14_23_23 2013.log

    Your system has not been modified.

    Click Finish to exit the DB2 Setup wizard.

    I am attaching the install log.

    James R. Martin
    J. Martin Associates