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‏2013-03-12T15:36:00Z |
Hi Guys, I am new to fte and got a challenge to design FTE n/w. My req is here:

We have 600 stores and they have to be configured for exchanging thier file transfer solution.. Please guide me how to design this..I mean i suspect Hub&Spoke is good one..

But, how many coordination/command/agent amgrs needed for this setup ?

Also, if my fteagents should run in all stores then what components needs to be selected while installing 7.5 at spokes (just agents will need to transfer thier files).

Any one, who has their thougts on this design specs?
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    Re: Design Question for FTE n/w


    It is possible to only install FTE Client at the stores (no MQ components required - FTE includes MQ client protocol support). This could reduce your license costs, for FTE and for MQ.

    The store FTE agents could then make MQ client connections to a "hub" MQ queue manager, which acts as the Agent qmgr, Command qmgr and Coordination qmgr all in one.  On a powerful platform it would easily support 600 agents and quite intensive file transfers.

    You could have more than one "hub" qmgr and divide the FTE agents based on physical region etc.  You could use HA or MIM to make the queue managers more available.

    You could have a dedicated Coordination queue manager for all agents, as this only receives publications for agent status messages. At a minimum, it would require one subscriber process for all the publications, or a managed subscription object can be used to funnel all status messages to one local queue.  (search for MQAttach).

    HTH, G.