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Pinned topic Dynamically Updating the HATS connection

‏2013-03-12T15:10:07Z |
Hi All,

We have situation where our client wants to dynamically update the connection parameters, based on the environment they are in.

I have looked at the articles where we can add the query string to override the connection parameters, but the issue with that is, the query string is visible to the user and carry forwarded to all the screens which we dont want, i am using the resource environment
variable to get the environment and trying to update the connection paarmeters before the connection event fires that is after start event
but i am not successful

Thank you for your inputs
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    Re: Dynamically Updating the HATS connection

    Use a POST instead of a GET to invoke the request. This gets rid of the parameters in the URL.

    You can also write JavaScript code in the index.jsp to set things in the START event.