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Pinned topic Function like mmdeldisk with schredding pattern

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Hallo All,

are there any hint to delete gpfs-nsds with a procedure to shredder the struktur on a disk with changing pattern '00' 'FF' '00' for a legal delete of a old disksubsystem in a cluster. For any tip i am appreciate.
Regards Renar
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    Re: Function like mmdeldisk with schredding pattern

    No, there isn't anything like this in GPFS. mmdeldisk doesn't overwrite anything on the disk being deleted. If you're after something very simple, you could couple mmdeldisk with "dd if=/dev/zero of=yourdevice(or "dd if=/dev/urandom"). However, in this day and age data shredding is often tricky. Some disk controllers do thin provisioning/compression, and handle large writes of zeroes in a special way (which doesn't involve writing all of them to actual media). Some storage devices (e.g. many SSDs) are implemented as a log-structured device, where data isn't actually overwritten on a logical overwrite.

    You may want to take a look at self-encrypting disks.