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Pinned topic how to search cases cross different solutions?

‏2013-03-12T07:18:12Z |
How can I build a custom case search widget to search cases cross different solutions and different object store? anyone done it before?
  • Dave_Ward
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    Re: how to search cases cross different solutions?

    ‏2013-05-08T11:29:45Z  in response to PerrySG

    If you are talking about different object stores does that follow you are also meaning different ICM installations (as each ICM install is linked to 1 object store)?
    Are the object stores in the same P8 domain?
    How would you map properties between solutions / object stores, or are you only planning to use built-in properties to search against?

    Have you considered constructing a Content Engine query to search the underlying Case Folder objects (rather than using anything Case Manager related)?