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Pinned topic Tricky Combination Chart in 10.1

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Working on a port to Cognos and there's a chart in the original reports that I'm having a hard time reproducing in Cognos 10.1. It's a bar chart with a stepped line chart superimposed on it. I'll describe it in terms of the equivalents in the GO Samples even though that's not the data being used.

They have a stored procedure that returns 3 columns . Product Line , Revenue and Max revenue (max for ALL product lines so basically just the largest value in the 2nd column that is repeated for all rows).

Their bar chart has a different color bar for each Product line and the height of all bars are the same (set to the max revenue value). The stepped line chart is superimposed on the bar chart with each horizontal segment representing the revenue for a product line. Each one of the stepped horizontal line segments is less than or equal to the common height of each Bar.

Any ideas on how to do this in Report Studio ? How would I tie in the max revenue to the revenue by product line, what chart should I use and where would I put each data item (ie Product line, Revenue and Max revenue) ? TIA.
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    Re: Tricky Combination Chart in 10.1

    I ended up creating a query to return a single max revenue value and cross joining it to the query that returned product line and revenue. For the chart used a Clustered Column + Clustered Line Combo . Product line is in Categories , Max revenue in the series for the bar chart and revenue is in the series for the line chart. Used a Conditional palette for the Bar chart to get the bars to be different colors.