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Pinned topic Get Count of Fields using JAQL

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I have a text file as follows,

101;John;Engineer;Placed at Bangalore
102;Paul;Engineer,Resided at Pune
103;Tin;Cashier;Working at Chennai
104;Lorre;Lawyer;Working at Pune in Infosys
I have filtered "DESIGNATION" using jaql del function as follows

y = del(location="data.txt", delimiter=';', schema= schema { id,Name,Designation,Description});

-> filter $.Designation == 'Engineer'
->transform { $.id, $.Family }
->write(seq(location='FINAL', outoptions=txtOutOpt));

It worked fine.

Now the requirement is that If I have a large file say (1gb) and I dont know the column names. But I want to get the count of the column names

Could anyone tell me the syntax to get the count of columns in the given file???

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Get Count of Fields using JAQL

    Finally I got the syntax.

    If you have a file consisting of large data (columns and records) , you can get the count of particular column.

    For example, I have a file which has column CITY. Now I can the count of CITY (i.e can get the values count in that particular column) and also get any value from file giving its index.

    x -> group into count($); // gives the count of CITY column

    x -> transform $.CITY -> index(3000); // gives the 3000th position value in CITY column.

    Hope this helps you.