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Pinned topic Possible security issue with a centralized Connect:Direct server?

‏2013-03-11T15:43:19Z |
From reading the documentation on C:D, I believed that you must have C:D on both machines taking place in a file copy. However, of course after playing with using File Agent to watch a \\serverA\share network path and copying to another \\serverB\share network path, this seems to work. Which leaves me to believe you could have one central C:D server moving files between other servers.

My question if you did such a thing, would you then be losing any concept of secure connections since you no longer have two nodes handshaking, and instead just one server initiating copies?

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    Re: Possible security issue with a centralized Connect:Direct server?

    While Connect:Direct can access files that reside on network shares, it is just plain file I/O over CIFS/SMB.
    The connection between Connect:Direct and the sharing file server is not using the Connect:Direct protocol. Connect:Direct can only secure connections between two Connect:Direct nodes.

    Having Connect:Direct installed on serverA and serverB allows you take full advantage of Connect:Direct and secure connections.

    Having a single central Connect:Direct instance moving files from one network share to another is pretty overkill and would not add any real benefits. xcopy or robocopy could do the same job.