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Pinned topic How to parse British pound symbol in datapower???

‏2013-03-11T11:45:54Z |

I have a MPGW service and Backend is responding with a British pound symbol in one of the field. But In the starting of the response rule the message is getting failed in Datapower.
Basically the reason behind this is DP not able to parse the message. I am getting the below error like “illegal character at offset 291..”.Is there any method so that Response rule can accept the message with british pound symbol.

The condition backend developer put us that they don't want to change the encoding from "UTF-8" to "iso-8859-1" in XML declaration as this one is one of the solution to this problem.
Any alternate way from Datapower side to accept this type of special character?
Any help will be much appreciate.

Thanks in adv...