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I would like to ask when values in predifined attributes are changed? When driver it self is changed ?
Some tunnables which are offten forgotten when new disks space is added or adapter and want to prevent this, therefore changed deflt values to those which fits to our environment.

After upgrading to AIX6.1 TL8-SP2 from TL8-SP1 I noticed that PdAt deflt values which was set for vscsi were changed. This means that I have to check PdAt after each update I guess?
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    Re: ODM PdAt

    No simple answer, the programmer of the driver may decide - or not - that values in PdAt have to be changed - or not :) If you touch something in PdAt, it's a good practice to check if this information remains constant or not.

    Changing values in PdAt is not so uncommon (not only because people can forget to set these values, but either because for example, setting some fiber channel or hard drives attributes may require an unwanted reboot).