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Well, maybe one small qualification: father Pat Sr. (Robert de Niro), a supporter from the Philadelphia Eagles with religious devotion, is banned from their stadium for fighting. Considerate, sensible mother Dolores (Jacki Weaver) seems to be the only normal part of the quartet. There is also a large, interesting support cast including relatives, friends, doctors, fellow patients and much more. I'm not starting detail here. They are all there to be seen in the movie.

The story is on how the two protagonists find each other via a journey of laughs and tears, and never a little craziness. It is also about how exactly the loving parents are able to see exactly the same silver lining the son sees and help him along the way. The specific plot line utilizes Pat's superficial eagerness to regain his estranged wife Nikki (against a small inconvenience of the restraining order). While on the surface, Tiffany provides a bridge for Pat to reach Nikki, the ironic fact is that Nikki may be the bridge by which Pat and Tiffany develop there relationship. You'd have experienced a lot of rom-com relationships starting with mutual animosity ?§C in fact almost all of them do. There's no exception here, however, you would be hard-pressed to locate a pair with such excellent chemistry as Cooper and Lawrence.

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