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Pinned topic Adding New Pattern types fpr VPK4D ?

‏2013-03-08T18:31:03Z |
Are there any pattern types that I can download (like the Java pattern) for VPK4D ?
Or do I need to create my own types using the PDK and upload them ?
What I want to do is create a pattern for a tomcat server (as opposed to WAS) or a pattern that has non IBM components in it.
I know its possible to deploy tomcat using the pattern for java as described here :-

Not sure about how I would add other non IBM components though....

If three are no patterns available for direct download, is it possible to export them from the SCE ? (I have not tried doing this yet)

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I know that CloudBees has a similar concept to IBM's patterns (CloudStack) and I am trying to compare the two.