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We tried doing NJE connections using TCP/IP but ran into an interesting situation with our z/OS LPARs. It appeared that as we activated our NODEs we ended up with RD&T able to xmit stuff out of RD&T to a remote JES2 system in which all the dynamic commands were issued – but the node stayed unconnected on the remote z/OS LPAR for RD&T node. That z/OS LPAR would receive the data from RD&T but couldn’t sent from that remote location to RD&T. Also we tried setting up another NJE connection to another node which was JES3 but wanted to know if we have to piggy back on to the LOCAL Socket from RD&T as documented in manual or can we create new sockets and NETSRVs?
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    Re: NJE connections using TCP/IP

    I'm afraid we can't provide any guidance in this area. While theoretically possible, I don't know of anyone that has tried this in the recent past. The only history I know of on this is at one time it was tried and performance was so abysmal that we for all intent and purposes declared in unsupported.