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Pinned topic DS4300 - latest firmware

‏2013-03-08T15:02:13Z |
It might be obvious for some - but to make sure: When I search latest Downlads is see Firmware 6.60.34 as the latest - built date 2010
Searching some info pages, I found some note to be at a level 6.70.24 or higher
What is the right version to be ?
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  • Berniebgbb
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    Re: DS4300 - latest firmware


    Disk-CntlFW-November-2010-version- - 17 /11/2010.

    Considering the DS4300 was "End of Lifed" at the end of 2006, firmware up to 2010 is not bad.

    Type Model Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
    1722-60U 2003/04/08 2003/04/15 2006/12/08 -

    Sill, VERY reliable array (in its day), maintenance will be costly though now...

  • friesland
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    Re: DS4300 - latest firmware

    All latest firmwares are posted at IBM fixcentral,
    latest for 1722 (ds4300) is 06.60.34, so this should be the firmware to use.

    You can see maybe some higher levels then 06.60.34 floating around,
    but these are probably e-builds for special needs.

    So 06.60.34 is the best option

    Link to Fix central:
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    Re: DS4300 - latest firmware

    Thanks for the Information