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Pinned topic Can I simulate multi-site in the same machine?

‏2013-03-08T14:28:58Z |
Hi All

I am trying to setup a multi-site in my laptop. So I created a replica for my PVOB and component CVOB as shown below.

  • \MS_PVOB \\JAZZ\CCSTG\VOB\MS_PVOB.vbs public (ucmvob,replicated)
  • \MS_CVOB \\JAZZ\CCSTG\VOB\MS_CVOB.vbs public (replicated)
  • \MS_PVOB_replica \\Jazz\CCSTG\VOB\MS_PVOB_replica.vbs public (ucmvob,replicated)
  • \MS_CVOB_replica \\Jazz\CCSTG\VOB\MS_CVOB_replica.vbs private (replicated)

However, I am not able to transfer the mastership since they are with the same host name. Any idea how to resolve this, or is there anyway I can setup multi-site in one machine?
M:\admin_SiteA_DEV_replica\MS_CVOB_replica\Site_A>cleartool reqmaster brtype:SiteA_DEV@\MS_PVOB
cleartool: Error: brtype:SiteA_DEV@\MS_PVOB
The following prevented the "reqmaster" operation from succeeding.
The object is already mastered by replica "original".
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    Re: Can I simulate multi-site in the same machine?

    I think this got answered in email...

    Generally this is not a workable configuration. You need to have at least:
    2 VOB server hosts, one in each of
    2 registry regions

    You should not have multiple replicas of the same VOB tagged in the same registry region. It will make cross-VOB hyperlink traversal/creation act in "undefined" ways. (A fancy way of saying, "we don't know what will happen because it can change at any time") Since UCM depends very heavily on hyperlinks, you need to work in a configuration that more closely mirrors what will work (see above).

    If you only have one physical host to do this testing on, you will likely need to use some sort of virtual machine package in order to do the testing. VMWare player is one option, as are kvm, qemu, HyperV, etc.

    I think that "SiteA" is actually the "original" replica... But I can't tell for sure here.

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