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‏2013-03-08T12:27:23Z |
IBM Optim test data management During extract process. How to extract distinct for many column from table. how can i write sql statment in table specification in access definition selection criteria.

Is there any other way to do it???
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    Re: TDM select query in selection criteria



    To extract distinct column data from table, you have to write a subquery in table specifications of access definition

    For example:  Select * from table_name where row_id IN ( SELECT row_id FROM
    ,row_number() over (partition by column1||'~'||column2||'~'||column3 ) rowcnt1
    FROM table_name TBL)A
    WHERE rowcnt1 = 1)

    whatever i have highlighted that is default statement in SQL area, we have to write the remaining SQL statement to achieve our expected result.


    Raviteja GV