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Pinned topic DOORS db on a network Drive

‏2013-03-08T06:31:23Z |
Quick question. Is is possible ?
We have a small disk on the actual server and we would like to put it onto a bigger file server.
The manual seems to be a bit cryptic, as it says that you cannot change the registry key introducing a mapped network drive and to use DOORSD instead from the command line.
It does not seem to work for us, apparently the daemon is not able to write in the mapped drive, whereas it can on a server drive.
It might be a system protection problem, but we the db directory on the file server has no protection at all (in order to try)

We are still running 9.1, but we could upgrade if necessary at least to 9.3.

Thanks in advance

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    Re: DOORS db on a network Drive

    We found the solution elsewhere. My system manager had to create a directory called "data" as container for the db. Once we pointed the registry key to this data directory, the rest followed naturally.
    Hope it may help somebody else.