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‏2013-03-07T21:01:44Z |
So I'm currently writing some automation scripts to update applications to an application server cluster. I'm on was8ND ( and on rhel6. I simply have a question about the logic in which this needs to happen. The customers want to be able to deploy without causing an outage to their applications. (who doesn't right?) Right now i'm writing in jython and using the scriptLibraries that come built in to was8. In my mind the logic goes like this:

#Deploy application to cluster given the earfile and app name. AdminApplication.updateEntireAppToAnAppWithUpdateCommand(appname,earFile) AdminTask.updateAppOnCluster(
'[-ApplicationNames appname]')

I realize i'm probably over-simplifying this and admittedly i've got two questions:
How do we make sure the plugin (webservers) get updated without doing a global update and causing that blip of 404's on everything?
Is there cause for concern with respect to clearing the cache for each application server between each node's application server restart?

Yes, this is my first real crack at automated deployment...been doing it manually a loooong time.