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‏2013-03-07T20:57:32Z |
Hi, i'm new to the forums so forgive me if this has been asked before.

My situation is a bit complicated. I need to refresh (build and swap) a cognos 8.2 cube on a remote transformer server but i can't seem to find anything in the api/sdk to do this.

Let me explain a little more. I need to refresh remotely because the cube is dependent on ETL processes on a microsoft SQL Server 2005 box. Once the data warehouse processing is done on that MS server, i need to kick off a refresh of the cube. The transformer and cube are on a different servers so i need to develop a way to kick off a remote refresh from an SSIS package. I'm having a hard time finding a solution online so i figure i'd try this forum.

Basically, my situation: box 1 (MS SQL Server 2005) wants to kick off a refresh on box 2 (transformer server with the cube)

plese suggest me step by step.
it would be great if yo can share script with me.