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Pinned topic MDM 10 Data extension : Update Person Name failing

‏2013-03-07T18:34:06Z | mdm-migration
I am using MDM V 10.0 and did a Person data extension, Person Name extension and Address extension in the same Hub module project.

I then added a person and was able to do it successfully with the extended attributes.

Then I tried and updatePerson with TCRMPersonBObj and TCRMPersonNameBObj inside ( see attached request XML).

This transaction is failing with the following error :

1 1641 Error_DWLErrorMessageComponent_ErrorMessage:] The error message for the following parameters is not defined in the database. ComponentId = 1; error code = UPDERR; reason code = 1641; error message type = Update of the PersonName failed. PartyId in the PersonName does not match with PartyId supplied.

I have checked that last update dates (PartyLastUpdateDate, PersonLastUpdateDate and PersonNameLastUpdateDate )and PartyId and PersonNameIdPK are all correct. But am still unable to figure out, why it is failing

I am struggling with this for the past 10 days and any help is appreciated.