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Pinned topic UI Tech Preview under SSL

‏2013-03-07T18:14:07Z |
I was having trouble running the ui tech preview on my Liberty Beta server apparently due to the server had SSL and authentication enabled. (The log displayed permission denied for requests to the uitechpreview/ URL.)

I was able to get around this problem by modifying the server.xml application definition to include security-roles as follow:
<application name="uitechpreview" type="war" location="uitechpreview.war">
<security-role name="toolboxuser">
<special-subject type="ALL_AUTHENTICATED_USERS"/>
<security-role name="everyone">
<special-subject type="ALL_AUTHENTICATED_USERS"/>
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    Re: UI Tech Preview under SSL

    Thanks for reporting this bug! I've opened a defect for this. Please continue using your work around.
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    Re: UI Tech Preview under SSL


    Can we enable LDAP security for UI Tech Preview???