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Pinned topic ATDEMO user ID hung

‏2013-03-07T15:31:02Z |
The ATDEMO userID was logged onto the system and in the celdial application in the inventory segment, and apparently got disconnected. This causes problems for other users wanting to log on with the same ID. Apparently the celdial application, inventory, part is single threaded. If one ID is in that segment of the application no other user may enter that segment, they get an XSystem indicator on the screen and the session sits until it times out and the following message appears:

Display Program Messages Job 745576/ATDEMO/QPADEV000J started on 03/07/13 at 09:22:13 in subsystem QI Message queue ATDEMO is allocated to another job. Unable to allocate a record in file PRODDTL (R C G D F).

Does anyone know what the appropriate reply should be on this screen to clear the condition?
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    Re: ATDEMO user ID hung

    Through trial and error I found that if I respond with R or D I'm returned to the previous screen and can navigate out of the application. All other responses return to the previous screen and resubmit the request, which of course is failing.

    Apparently, what is needed is a way to purge the user that is stuck in the celdial/inventory application. This apparently requires an operator action and this forum is a very slow way to accomplish this.

    Is there a way to automate this process? Some of us use this system to do demos and use and as it as a platform for some types of training and this delay is unacceptable. The best solution is that when the terminal session ends that the user is logged out of the system. Today, apparently the user remains logged in at the point where the disconnect occurred.