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Pinned topic restrict access to admin functions in process admin, get no result

‏2013-03-07T04:28:15Z |
Hi folks,

I have a requirement that a new group user could perform user & group management inside Process Admin only and I have modified the console.xml as below path and made the change. However, the mapped user could see the "Group management" function but he cannot perform add members in group successfully, actually there is no error messages come out, could you please advise?

PS. the mapped user is already added in "TMGrp" Group in below example, thanks.

segment of console.xml

<folder name="">
<item name="" link="cs_Provider_MaintainInternalUsers.lsw" codeType="JSP"><constraint type="role" value="tw_admins"/></item>
<item name="" gwtClass="" codeType="GWT"><constraint type="role" value="tw_admins"/></item>
<item name="" link="cs_Provider_MaintainInternalUsers.lsw" codeType="JSP"><constraint type="role" value="TMGrp"/></item>
<item name="" gwtClass="" codeType="GWT"><constraint type="role" value="TMGrp"/></item>
<item name="console.bulk.user.attribute.assignment" link="cs_bulk_usr_attr_assign.lsw" codeType="JSP"><constraint type="role" value="tw_admins"/></item>
<item name="console.user.synchronization" link="cs_syncorg.lsw" codeType="JSP"><constraint type="role" value="tw_admins"/></item>