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‏2013-03-06T18:47:05Z |
Hello All,
I am trying to integrate WMBv7.0.0.4 with SAP, I am using ALE Inbound scenario using SAP Adapter. When an event is occurred in SAP, the flow should be triggered in Broker.
I have enabled the trace while creating the adapter, the trace file shows the following error
Function RFC_PING (does not support BASXML)
I am able to see the data coming from SAP in trace file but my flow is not being triggered.
Can anyone throw some inputs.
Sunil Sure
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    Re: WMB Integration with SAP


    RFC_PING is implemented deep in the RFC-Runtime. This call will never reach MessageBroker Adapter. Use for example 'STFC_CONNECTION' function module instead. Additionally you can call STFC_CONNETCION from ABAP-report SRFCTEST.

    Kind Regards
    Eduard Neuwirt