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Pinned topic Design REST input output schema in Websphere Message Broker

‏2013-03-06T16:29:52Z |
I'm new to WMB 8, and I'm working on Websphere message Broker Toolkit 8 and I try to create an Application on it to Get an XML file via HTTP (Rest Webservices) and compute it via Java and Output an XML file in the end.

I've tried to imagine how can the processus will be in SOA and REST, so I've attached a screenshot of my design.

So I have 4 questions :

1- Is my design true ? (REST and SOAP).

2- And how can I set the XML file in the input instead of simple types (String, int etc...) by creating a WSDL file and Output (XML file not simple type) ?

3- Why is there difference between SOAP and REST and they are both transported by HTTP protocols ?

4- And Finally how can I set the input URL to get the XML file through the network ? (I think that I should configure a listener on a port but I don't know how)

Thank you a lot guys :)